Why Miley Why? See Cyrus’ New Scandalous Photos

She has defiantly stood her ground against critics following her controversial MTV VMAs performance.

And Miley Cyrus is clearly enjoying the attention – so much so that she’s taken her racy behaviour a step further.


The 20-year-old is seen simulating sex in a shocking new Terry Richardson shoot released Thursday, as she swiped back at Sinead O’Connor’s open letter pleading with her not to let the music industry ‘make a prostitute’ of her.

The images are unashamedly pornographic in nature, showing the former child star in a series of overtly sexual poses, wearing next to nothing.


In a number of pictures, she wears a tiny leotard that barely covers the lower part of her body, featuring a G-string in the back, and a not much thicker strap in the front.

In one shot, she leans against a wall with her hand while fondling herself; in another, she pulls the front of the leotard so high that she exposes half her crotch.


Miley also sticks out her tongue – her now signature move – while holding a beer can suggestively in her groin area.

h/t DailyMail


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