The Same Republicans Demanding Benghazi Answers, Cut Funding For Security in Benghazi

chris stevens

The entire media is now focused on Benghazi. Fox News must be happy that the rest of our shortsighted media is apparently jumping on this Fox created, fake conspiracy issue. And again I ask, where was all this focus, this determination to find the truth when 13 different Embassies were attacked under the Bush administration? Where was the noise makers when multiple Americans were killed?

  • 5 people were killed in a Consulate attack in India in 2002.
  • 12 more were killed in a US Consulate attack in Pakistan. That attack caused an additional 59 injuries
  • Another 2 people killed in another US Consulate attack in Pakistan in 2003
  • In Saudi Arabia, another Consulate attack killed 36 people, including 9 Americans.

Fox, where were you? No peep from the Republicans when all these Americans were being slaughtered overseas!

  • 2 more killed when an Embassy was attacked inĀ Uzbekistan in 2004
  • 9 more killed in another attack in Saudi Arabia, still in 2004
  • Pakistan in 2006, another attack, another four people killed, including Diplomat David Foy
  • Another 2006 Embassy attack, this time in Syria. 4 more people killed, 13 injured

Crickets on Fox News. Nothing to see here in the Republican party!

  • In 2007 and 2008, Greece and Yemen joined in attacking our Embassies
  • The attack inĀ Istanbul, Turkey took another 6 people from the land of the living.
  • Then back in Yemen on September 17th 2008, where 16 people died in yet another Embassy attack.

The Americans who died in all these attacks deserved the same questions and scrutiny, but none came because a Republican Commander in Chief ruled. All was well, except for all the attacks and the lives lost.

But now, now that there is one Embassy attack with a Democratic Commander in Chief at the helm, Fox kept pounding. They manufactured talking points for Congressional Republicans to regurgitate over and over again. And here we are, years after the unfortunate attack that took 4 lives, the rest of the so-called Media seems to be fully on-board the Fox train wreck!

One of the talking points Republicans in Congress keep pushing questions why President Obama took away Embassy security… as if that is even Constitutionally possible.

Watch and listen as the Republican in the video below proudly admitted taking away funding for Embassy security, but maintained he had nothing to do with why ample security was missing from Benghazi!

You know the drill… #BlameObama!

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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