Teen Cheerleader Gets Three Years in Prison for Pimping Her Mentally-Disabled Friend

Montia Parker, teen cheerleader pimp
Montia Parker, an 18-year old former cheerleader captain at a Minneapolis high school, has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for “pimping out” a younger team mate to generate extra income for herself. Even worse, her 16-year old victim has a learning disability.

Apparently, Parker put up several online ads promoting the girl for sexual services, and even drove her to some of her customers. From one job, the girl performed oral sex for one of her customers, made $60 from the job, and was forced to turn all the money over to Parker.

The victim’s family urged the judge to give Parker the harshest punishment possible. The family says the girl has since isolated herself from others, changed schools, and has lost interest in cheerleading.

In addition to her 3-year sentence, Parker will also be registered as a sex offender and will appear in all nationwide databases.

h/t – blog.blacknews.com