She’s 14 Years Old. Here Is Her Letter to Congress

Sarah Connor wrote this letter. It was sent to every member of The House and Senate.  A copy of this letter was also sent to the President.

Dear Members of Congress, Senators, President Obama, and whoever else reads this;

My name is Sarah Connor. I’m fourteen and I’m extremely disappointed in all of you, Democrats and Republicans alike. Not about your political views, but about how you run this country of 314 million people who all rely on you, a mere five hundred people, to make sure we keep living in a safe and functioning country.

I don’t think you are paying attention to what your petty squabbles for power and party grudges have done. You are so blinded by your politics that you can’t see past your noses to the real United States, the one that doesn’t run on politics, but on the decisions that you have been postponing and pushing aside.

The really sad thing is that you do this so much that it isn’t even that big a deal anymore. You wait until the last minute, fighting tooth and nail (figuratively, of course) to stop or pass a bill. Then you simply pass legislature that will delay it and any nasty consequences it was set up to have if it wasn’t passed.

You have no sense of time management, and that’s a huge problem.

If I managed my schoolwork like you all manage our country, I would fail miserably. I would wait until last minute for every project and every homework assignment. Then when it wasn’t finished on the due date, I would simply ask the teacher for more time; and then just keep repeating the cycle all over again. I would end up never doing my homework; and if I even did, I would only do it halfway so that I could get it in before the end of the school year. And somehow I’d still expect to pass my classes.

That, reader, is how you are currently running our country. With expectations of extra time and getting a grade of 100 on partial work.

I’m pretty sure my friends and I could manage this country better than you. We know when one person should triumph over another; and we respect each other’s opinions, even when they may not agree with our own. From the first day of kindergarten children are taught to work together, whether or not they like each other, and to get projects done.

You don’t do that.

You squabble like little children fighting over who gets the remote or who gets to choose a game. You refuse to cooperate with someone just because they want something different than you. And you throw tantrums if you don’t get your way.

It’s like you forgot everything you learned in elementary school about how to be a good partner.

I’m only 14 and I’m ashamed to see you behaving this way. You are supposed to be the great leaders of our country. You are children’s role models and teachers. They look up to you as the ones who keep our country running. If you behave in the ways you do now, you’re not teaching the leaders of tomorrow how to lead. You’re teaching them how to fight, how to squabble, and how to wage political wars that separate the two parties that were created to keep this country together.

So stop fighting, sit down at your desks, and do your work. Or I’ll send my mom down there to give you all a good whipping into shape. If she teaches you the way she taught me and my brothers, she’ll get you guys running this country properly in a week.

Sincerely, Sarah Connor


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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    is this the same sarah connor who fights skynet and the machines?

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    Sarah Connor for President 2016!!