Scandal Season 3 Premiere: The Wait Is Finally Over


Well, it was starting to feel as if this day would never come, but the highly anticipated Scandal has returned!

I remained spoiler free for the debut episode of Season 3, so I went into tonight’s show with no idea what to expect for the Season Premiere.

I’m going to keep this one brief as I’m way too excited just to have the show back on my TV screen again.

But to make sure Scandal has returned back to its scandalous levels of drama, I made a list to see if the Season Premiere measures up to what we’ve come to expect from this over-the-top Scandalmania.

Let’s begin shall we:

  • WTF moments such as Daddy Dearest heading B613 and all 3 players in the love triangle (Olivia, President Grant, and Mellie) working together to resolve the affair for the media-hungry – Check
  • President Grant still in love/lusting over Olivia Pope – Check
  • Huck and Harrison coming to the rescue and being their regular Captain-Save-a-WHORE-Olivia selves – Check
  • The obligatory It’s been handled (hee!) – Check
  • Mellie’s ever plotting and running around the White House – Check
  • Olivia making an appearance on the Best Dressed List (She was rockin’ that white coat) – Check
  • Olitz still steaming up my TV screen up with their red hot chemistry- Cheeeeck
  • Cyrus and his wondrous one-liners, The Lord didn’t fill out his voter registration card!! Oh Cyrus, you devil you Check
  • Discovering President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant III (yes, him) was the one to leak Olivia Pope’s name to the media??? – Double Whammy Check
  • And of course a cliff-hanger ending that only leads to more questions – What exactly is in that folder??? %#$^% CHECK!

Oh, and I must give props to Daddy Pope. He was bringing it with the,

First Lady?? First Lady?? Do you have to be SO mediocre??

And let’s not forget,

You’ll get on that plane over hell or high water. And let me be clear that I am hell AND high water.

Daaang Daddy.

He was reading Olivia Pope all episode long. Now we know where she gets it from…. – Check

Sigh. Oh yes,

My show is back.