Polls: Americans Preparing to Kick Republicans Out of The House


Americans have learned a lesson. When you allow the spoiled brats to control the house, their immaturity will show. The bills will not be paid and before long, bill collectors will come knocking including the mortgage company who will start the foreclosure process.

At some point, the adults will have to take over to get the house in order. There will be a struggle for power as the brats will put up a fight. But eventually, the adults will prevail, regulating the brats to their rooms or even worse, kicked out completely.

Put them in boarding school!

That’s the apparent message being sent by frustrated Americans who correctly blame the Republicans for the government shutdown. This is based on different polls released Sunday.

A series of polls released Sunday show just how damaging the shutdown has been for the GOP. The liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling compiled two dozen surveys, commissioned and paid for by MoveOn.org Political Action, from House districts around the country, taken from Oct. 2 through Oct. 4. Sample sizes were between 600 and 700 voters in each district.

For Democrats to win a House majority, 17 seats would need to switch to their party’s favor. Results show that would be within reach, as Republican incumbents are behind in 17 of the districts analyzed: CA-31, CO-06, FL-02, FL-10, FL-13, IA-03, IA-04, IL-13, KY-06, MI-01, MI-07, MI-11, NY-19, OH-14, PA-07, PA-08, WI-07. In four districts, the incumbent Republican fell behind after respondents were told their representative supported the government shutdown: CA-10, NY-11, NY-23, VA-02. Three districts saw GOP incumbents maintain their hold over their Democratic challengers, even after hearing their elected officials’ views on the shutdown, including CA-21, NV-03 and OH-06.

Back in 2012, Democrats picked up eight seats in the House, closing the gap of Republican control to 234-201.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


  • judi

    Sure hope this is true. AND….sadly……they “don’t have to worry” about that socialist commie Kenyan weak Anti ‘murican loser not-really-elected BLACK president anymore……..
    This country deserves better than these fools!