MLK Breaking Bad on Economic Injustice

You may have never heard Dr. King like this before. At a time like now, THIS VOICE is surely missed and needed.


The Poor People’s Campaign, organized by the SCLC and Dr. Martin Luther King to take this message to Washington. Three weeks before it was to take place, King was assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. The march went on as planned but with King killed, the movement lost a lot of its heart.

The Poor People’s Campaign was founded on the idea that all people should have what they need to live. King and the SCLC began focusing on economic justice after observing no real gains in the lives of the majority of African Americans after the Civil Rights Movement.

The POC was a multiracial effort aimed at alleviating poverty regardless of race, demanding economic and human rights for poor Blacks, Chicanos, Native Americans, and White Americans.

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