GOP Should Call It Quits – Fox News Now Against Them


John McCain and Rep Steve King have questioned their party’s decision to shut down the government following the instructions from first year Senator Ted Cruz. That wasn’t expected but it was good to see. When anyone from the most partisan Republican propaganda machine begins to question the wisdom of the shutdown, then you know the Republicans are in deep dodo.

That is what happened when Fox’s Gretchen Carlson interviewed Representatives Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Adam Smith (D-Wa) about the recent Republican government shutdown.

Republicans finally accepted the proposal from Congress and reopened the government last night, but yesterday when this interview took place and everyone knew the details of the Senate proposal, the Democratic Representative pointed out the fact that the House could have accepted this same proposal since the beginning of the shutdown. Smith said, “the shame of it is, this is something we could have done back in the beginning of October.”

This is where the impossible happened. The Fox News host agreed that the shutdown was a failure in the eyes of the sane American citizenry.

“Isn’t this what Americans hate quite frankly, about you guys, members of Congress?” Carlson asked. “That this is something that could have been done long ago and here we are again?”

When Fox News gets it right, then you know you’ve really messed up!


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