Disgraced Pepper Spraying Cop gets $38,000 Award


The former University of California, Davis police officer who made national headlines in 2011 after he pepper-sprayed Occupy protesters has reached a worker’s compensation settlement worth nearly $40,000.

A judge on October 16 approved the $38,000 settlement between John Pike and the University of California.

The 40-year-old former officer said he suffered depression and anxiety after death threats were sent to him and his family over the November 18, 2011, incident.

University spokesman Andy Fell said the case was resolved in accordance with state laws.

Video of then-campus Lt Pike dousing peaceful protesters seated on the ground with pepper spray went viral online.

His address and other personal information were posted online afterward by the hacking group Anonymous, and he received scores of death threats.

Pike was fired in July 2012 after eight months of paid administrative leave.

The images of Pike unleashing an orange chemical cloud on the heads of students became a rallying symbol for the Occupy Wall Street movement

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