Lawrence O’ Donnell and Anthony Weiner – What’s Wrong With You Lawrence?

I’m a Lawrence O’ Donnell fan. But after watching his “interview” of Anthony Weiner last night, I was left feeling disgusted.

To think that on the eve of one of the most important mayoral elections nationwide, that Lawrence would bring Anthony on his show for the sole purpose of picking a fight, left me wondering about the state of our media.
You expect this behavior from Fox, not MSNBC!

There were important issues to discuss. New Yorkers are still looking for answers from their candidates before heading to the polls, and instead of engaging Mr. Weiner in an important and necessary debate,  Lawrence did New Yorkers a disfavor with his fifteen minutes interview asking Weiner, “what’s wrong with you?”

The interview left me wondering,  what’s wrong with you Lawrence? I know ratings are low, but did you really have to stoop to the Bill O’ Reilly and Fox News standards?

Sad indeed.



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