Jackie Chan Is Dead? Actor Responds on Facebook

jackie chan

Jackie Chan Points to date on Newspaper

Jackie Chan is once again the victim of a celebrity death hoax this week.

Fortunately, the 59-year-old actor is not only alive and well, but poking fun at the reports about his alleged death.

“If I died, I would probably tell the world,” Chan posted to Facebook at the time the first death report surfaced. “I took a photo with today’s date, just in case you don’t believe me! However, thank you for your concern. Kiss kiss and love you all!”

With the post, the actor included a photo of himself pointing to the date on a current newspaper.

The rumor of Chan’s death began earlier this year with a Facebook application that claimed the martial artist had died while filming a movie and performing a stunt.

Then, when Chan’s Facebook account was hacked and the death article was posted to his timeline, the rumor gained momentum.

A frequent Facebook user, Chan reassured fans that the death rumors were false when he posted a funny photo of himself on Sept. 25.

“Did you know this,” he wrote, referring to the popular internet meme of the actor.

Earlier, on Sept. 22, Chen posted, “Want a bite,” along with a photo of himself holding a pair of chopsticks and a bowl of rice.

Further proving that the actor is more alive than ever, Chen’s team posted the actor’s 60th birthday plans to Facebook on Sept. 16.

“Next year, 2014, is Jackie’s 60th birthday,” the post read. “He will be celebrating this monumental occasion in Beijing with friends and fans from around the world! Tentative plans include a charity peace concert, and a fan club party.”


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