Alan Grayson Disagrees With President Obama on Bombing Syria – Video

Rep. Alan Grayson went on MSNBC’s Weekends with Alex Witt on Sunday and had a rather tart interview with host Alex Witt. Alex, like the other hosts at MSNBC has taken a rather right-winged, warmongering stance on President Obama’s decision to bring Congress into the Syria decision-making process.

Beginning yesterday with Andrea Mitchell’s apparent surprise that the President would ask for Congressional approval before dropping bombs on Syria, Alex Witt continued today, questioning why Alan Grayson was so much against military intervention in the Syrian conflict.

Grayson began the interview by stating his reasons for being against America dropping bombs.

  1. It’s not our responsibility,
  2. Whatever we do will not accomplish anything useful
  3. It’s expensive
  4. It’s dangerous

Alex Witt was quick to point out that Grayson’s position was not a popular and wondered how much pushback he was getting from other members of the house or from his constituents. Grayson answered that his position was in fact, the popular position, stating that “the polls now show and would continue to show that Americans understand that it’s simply not our responsibility.” Grayson continued;

“We are only one country our of 196. We have our own problems to deal with and we’re not the world’s policeman nor the world’s judge, jury and executioner.”

Later on in the interview, Alex played a part of the President’s speech where he outlined the reason why America must attack Syria. In the video, President Obama asked what message do we send if a dictator is able to gas children and get away with it. Alex Witt asked Grayson to respond to the President’s question. Grayson explained that the rules already in effect requires the perpetrator be brought to “the International Court of The Hague” to answer the charges, “not be bombed!”

Watch the exchange below.


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