Runaway Cab Severs Foot of British Tourist in New York

The first full day of a dream vacation turned into midtown mayhem for a British tourist Tuesday when a cabbie who had been arguing with a bicyclist lost control of the taxi and mowed her down on a sidewalk — severing her left foot.


Siân Green

Siân Green, 23, arrived in New York Monday night with one of her best friends for a trip they had anticipated with excitement on Instagram. The next day, they bought hot dogs at Sixth Ave. and 50th St. about 11:20 a.m. in the sun-drenched city. Green and her friend, Keshia Warren, were sitting on the ledge of a fountain in a crowded plaza on the avenue.


Foot circled

They were chowing down on the hot dogs when the yellow cab jumped the curb at 49th St. and plowed into Green, sending her flying and springing several good Samaritans into action. Among the heroes were a food vendor, a plumber and television’s Dr. Oz.

David Justino, a plumber who had been working in the area, stripped off his Carhartt tool belt and used it as a tourniquet. His quick thinking may have saved Green’s life.

“The real hero of the day is plumber Dave, just an average Joe, an average Dave, just walking along the street, but he saved her life,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz, whose T-shirt and jeans were spattered with blood. “It’s very smart thinking. A simple thing like a union plumber’s belt can save your life.”

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

Justino said he was awed by the composure of the victim, calling her “a strong girl, a brave girl.”

“Her left leg was severed off, the other was mangled,” he said. “She was conscious the whole time, the poor thing. I wished she would have passed out.”
Green’s severed, sandal-clad foot was recovered at the scene and doctors at Bellevue Hospital tried in vain to reattach it. At least two other people were also being treated at area hospitals for less serious injuries.

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