Rodeo Clown Sean Hannity Cannot Understand The Rodeo Clown Outrage


But this does not surprise anyone. The clown show at Fox has been entertaining their fans, whipping them into a hateful frenzy every time the name Barack Obama is mentioned.

So seeing the outrage that was caused when another rodeo clown tried to impersonate the president at a state sponsored event in Missouri, by wearing an Obama mask and shoving a stick up his ass… well such an outrage just boggles Hannity’s mind.

On his Fox Entertainment program, Hannity needed to make sure that there were others who agreed with him. And his point that the rodeo clown did nothing wrong would be more believable if his agreeable guests… were black.

Enter Jehmu Greene and and Erik Rush. Greene went first, explaining that she loves rodeo clowns because they are the “epitome of destruction.”

“It’s ridiculous,” Greene said. The NAACP is out of their dang minds to think that this should be investigated by the Department of Justice. Surprise, surprise that I think this is way overkill.”

Erik Rush added his two cents, calling the outrage, “the biggest batch of race-baiting bunk I’ve ever seen.”

It was the usual love fest in the Entertainment Network. They seeds of Obama hate landed on the usual ground and their audience ate it up.

All is well in the Fox hole.



I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!