President Obama’s Moving Update about Cory Remsbury – Video

President Obama spoke to a group of disabled veterans today in Orlando Florida, telling them about initiatives the Federal government is taking to make their lives better. All in all, it was an impressive speech, receiving many applause from those in attendance. But it was an update the President gave at the end of his speech that caused many on Twitter to declare this speech “one of his best.”


Cory Remsburg and Family

The President spoke about Cory Remsbury, an Army Ranger who almost died in an attack. President Obama spoke about how he visited Cory in the hospital over three years ago and compared that visit to seeing Cory and his family recently. The special message the President so masterfully brought home from the Cory story is that “we never give up!”

We’re sure there were some tears flowing after his story.

Watch Cory’s update below.

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