My Year In Review

Every time my birthday  rolls around it seems like it was just yesterday I was a year younger; time really does seem to fly. Though going from 18 to 19, it seemed like a lifetime.

It’s amazing that a year ago I was enjoying my summer with my girlfriend of three years. My memory is a little foggy but I’m pretty sure I spent the afternoon with her, as was the norm with me and her. We exchanged gifts, considering our anniversary landed on the same day; I got her a key necklace with a heart as it’s main part, she also got me a necklace in the shape of a heart with our names inscribed in it. I’m not sure where that necklace went to..

I entered college that September at William Paterson University. Man oh man that was quite an experience. In a period of four months I watched my relationship crumble, learned that college isn’t easy, and that it’s a dog eat dog world. I left in late November, partly due to the fact I just wasn’t ready to be in college and because they locked my account since I apparently wasn’t a “legal” US citizen (don’t mind my SSN, bank account, drivers license, etc).

My parents were supportive of me leaving WPU, my dad was too caught up arguing with the school over their actions, but I felt alone in my world. I didn’t want to be the kid sitting around doing nothing with his life but also didn’t want to instantly jump into college again. So, I did what any sensible 18 year old would do, I became a certified bartender.

Being a bartender seemed like a cool idea, of course from a business perspective, paying an 18 year old to handle alcohol is a “no-no”. With that plan failing I just started looking around for whatever was out there. The job hunt had it’s many lows but, every now and then it provided me with a job and timeless memories.

I knew though that I couldn’t survive working as a promoter for clubs or working part time in a retail store. I took a deep deep breath and registered back up to go to college. Brace yourself Bergen County College, I’m coming for you!

One year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, has felt like a lifetime to me. My world has flipped upside down more than once and has undergone a change in every way. I’ve changed my friends, my style, my attitude, my view on life, and much much more. The 18 year old teen who walked cautiously into college a year ago has been replaced by a 19 year old who feels like he’s ready to take on the world.

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A simple person trying to make it through this large world