Having More Brothers & Sisters Makes You Less Likely To Get Divorced

Branden Lee is a blogger, screenwriter, producer, and actor, currently residing in Boston, MA. Follow Branden on Twitter and Tumblr.


A  new Jezebel article reports that a study shows that the more siblings one has the less likely they are to get divorced.

The study was conducted by Ohio State University and studied over 57,000 people between the years 1972-2012.

Each sibling someone has decreases a person’s odds of divorce by 2%.

The study says that the findings only accounts for up to 7 siblings in a family, but having more than 7 siblings doesn’t make divorce more likely.

Research didn’t delve into why someone is less likely to get divorced because they grew up in a large household.

 One of the researchers hypothesized that when someone grows up in a big family they learn how to deal with conflict better, because of course siblings fight a lot.

As an only child who can’t even get a boyfriend, this study comes as horrible news.

Both of my parents come from large families. My father is one of 7 children, and my mother is one of 9. They’ve been together a very long time.

I’m an only child who’s never been in a relationship.

The stereotype of an only child is that we’re spoiled, selfish, stubborn, uncompromising, all of which are true in my case.

No wonder I can’t get a boyfriend.


Branden Lee is a blogger, screenwriter, producer, and actor. Branden studied Communications at Northeastern University while minoring in Production. Branden’s writing has appeared on Thought Catalog, The New Gay, Examiner, and he’s currently a celebrity gossip contributor for Wish I Didn’t Know.