Fox News Provided The Talking Point Mark Kessler Used to Attack Sec. John Kerry

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I never thought I’ll say this. But I’ve found someone who makes the Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones of the world, seem like child’s play. Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler is gathering up a YouTube following, with his frequent profanity laced videos against Liberals, or to use his word, Libtards. In one of his latest video, the police chief targets Secretary of State John Kerry and The United Nations.

Mark Kessler’s rant came directly from this Fox News headline: Kerry says US will sign UN treaty on arms regulation despite lawmaker oppositionSo at least we know where Mark is getting his info.

In the video, the police chief is seen looking at a piece of paper as he read the Fox headline, “Kerry says US will sign UN treaty on arms regulations despite lawmaker opposition.” Mark then sighs, shakes his head and continues, calling Kerry a “piece of sh*t traitor.”

After some other choice words for the Secretary of State and the United Nations, Kessler looks at the camera and screamed, “come and take it motherfu*kers” as he picks up an automatic weapon and fires a few rounds into the mountainside.

He later received a 30 days suspension from his duties as police chief, but promised to return and continue his work after his suspension is over. “I make no apologies,” Mark wrote on his website after receiving his punishment, “and I have no regrets. [I’ll be back] 30 days from tonight.”

Fox News, once again provides the ammunition for the gradual dismantling of any sanity this society once had.

Warning: The video below is unedited.

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