Birther Will Elect Canadian Cruz for President Because Canada Is Not ‘Foreign Soil’

birther canada not foreigh We all know where Ted Cruz was born. For those who have no idea, Ted Cruz was born in Canada. The reason this is important to know is because Ted Cruz stands a good chance of being the Republican nominee to run for President of the United States in 2016. And the reason this is really important to know is because of a group of Republicans who call themselves ‘Birthers.’

Birthers, as you may know, are those Republicans who believe that President Obama is not really the President of the United States, because they insist without any facts whatsoever, Mr. Obama was born in Kenya. So how do these lost, sad souls qualify Canadian born Ted Cruz to be president, while at the same time disqualifying American born Barack Obama?

Well they claim Ted Cruz’s mother was an American, so that immediately makes Ted an American, no questions asked. But what about Barack’s mother? Wasn’t she an American too, born in Kansas? Of course she was. So the “American mother” argument doesn’t fly. There must be other qualifiers, and thanks to the Texas Tribune, we know the other qualifiers are.

According to these  Birthers, Cruz “has the Hollywood look” to be President. Another Birther suggests that Republicans will vote for Cruz simply because he is a Republican and that’s what they do. It’s a party thing she said. But it was the qualifier of the third Birther that took the ignorance to a whole new level. She advises us that Canada is not considered “foreign soil,” at least not in her view!

See the craziness yourself.

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