A Letter To My Next Girlfriend

Dear Someone,
I use someone because I probably don’t know your name at this point in my life.

Take no offense; Don’t be angry and come at me with a knife!

So…yeah you and me huh? That’s pretty sweet right?

Dam I’m four lines in and I already came down with writers block

That’s nuts because I usually can always seem to talk

Since I always talk a big game

Say I have no shame
Don’t care if you use “I dare you” with my name

But when I talk to someone I like

I clam up air tight

That’s how you know I ain’t feeling right (in a good way)

Have no fear though that shyness will easily thaw

It’ll give way to thing’s that’ll make you laugh or go “awww”


So what’s this letter about you ask, as do I in all honesty

Well keep reading and then you’ll see

It’s about me as the next paragraph will show

It’s also about you, I just wanted you to know


I don’t know what you’ll know about me at this stage

Probably some good things, hopefully nothing that’ll put you in a rage

I’m very open about myself though, I have nothing to hide

There’s no “I’ll tell you another time” or any story I’ll push aside

I wonder if you’ll know my favorite color is orange but I love to wear black

Or that I love my Lakers, basketball, and miss hearing “T-Mac to the rack!”

Maybe you’ll know I actually have a decent fashion sense (#HighFashion)

Or that I never shy away from giving my $.02


What about you? There are so many questions I can sit here and ask

Writing them all down though………dam that’d be quite a task

Have we been friends? Best friends? Or total strangers who just met

If we were total strangers let me say..”Finally a fish in the net!”

(Referring to that “plenty fish in the sea saying. Okay, not funny? Okay..)

Ah so many questions I could ask but it’s 1am and I’d love to sleep tonight

Instead of having my brain work in overdrive, blasting through all the red lights


Well whoever you were to me and whenever you do read this, let me just say

I’m happy you’re with me and not some other guy

I obviously like you, enjoying hanging out, and talking as well

I can’t say where this will go or how it’ll work

All I can say is to just kick back and let life run it’s course


Good night,



A simple person trying to make it through this large world

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