Why Weiner Should Not Pull Out


Anthony Weiner and his wife tried to calm the nation. Apparently,  there are more pics of Weiner’s weiner parading around the Internet and theae new pics are believed taken after the Democratic Congressman was forced to resign because he sent  pics of his weiner to various women online.

But why is Weiner’s weiner the apparent topic of the day? I’ve browsed various liberal and conservative radio shows and it seems that nothing else is happening in the world. And even here, at EzKool, more people came to this site yesterday because they were searching Google for “naked weiner pics.”

And I’m puzzled. I’m confused. For the life of me, I simply cannot see what the big deal is.

Yes, Anthony Weiner took pictures of his junk, but serously… who hasn’t? And he did something stupid and sent those pictures to women online. Dumb, I know. But what exactly does his naked weiner has to do with him politically?

The answer I keep hearing from both liberal and conservative shows is “it shows his lack of judgment.”

Lack of judgment? As a congressman, no one – especially those on the left – questioned Weiner’s judgement. He was known as a fighter for the average middle class American and many, including those who questions his judgment now, praised him for the work he did. When other Congressional Democrats avoided Fox News out of fear, it was Weiner who showed the balls and stepped up to the plate.

Remember the phrase, “Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry?” That was Anthony Weiner, telling the truth the only way he could.

Yes, Weiner made some personal decisions that are questionable. But New Yorkers will not be voting for a Bishop or a Pastor or a Priest. And even Bishops, Pastors and Priests have moral skeletons in their closet.

New Yorkers will be voting for a politician. And they should look at the political fight record of the candidates and make their decision accordingly.

The man did something wrong. Some might even say he has a problem and needs help. But as long as Weiner knows how to separate his “problem” from his politics, I’m okay with him. If he shows his weiner on national television while in a policy debate, then you can tell me about his lack of moral judgment.

If you’re employing a politician, you need the best politician. If you’re looking for a spotless moral beacon, good luck!

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