The Moral Mondays Movement in Raleigh, NC – Week 13’s Edition

They say a Picture is Worth a Thousand words. Well, Here’s Proof!

Protesters on the Mall MM

More than 800 people have been arrested at the Legislative Building in expressions of civil disobedience since the “Moral Monday” protests began in April. All because of an arrogant, self-absorbed Gov., Pat McCrory, who has refused to sit down with the Leaders representing the masses including but not limited to Voter’s Rights, Women’s Rights, Students, Elderly, Obamacare Proponents, Teachers, young and old. Enough said, see the Proof…

Health Care MM

MM for Students

Social Workers for MM

The Movement MM


VRA for MM

Vote Him OUT MM
Beware GOP, This is a Movement that is Sure to Spread. With the intolerance of that party in other states, we could Soon see a Nationwide Protest Showing up in a City Near You.

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