John Henry Spooner Shooting VIDEO: Evidence Shows Darius Simmons Killed (GRAPHIC)

John Henry Spooner video

A video entered as evidence in the murder trial of John Henry Spooner on Tuesday appears to show the 76-year-old shooting his 13-year-old neighbor Darius Simmons dead.

The Milwaukee senior is charged with first-degree homicide after the alleged incident in May last year. Jurors saw the video (below), taken from Spooner’s own surveillance camera, that shows the suspect walk out of his house, brandishing a gun. After a short argument, the man in the video waves the gun around before he shoots Simmons in the chest. Simmons manages to flee outside the scope of the camera before dying.

The evidence was recorded in court Tuesday and provided to HuffPost Crime by the Journal-Sentinel.

WARNING: The video below is extremely graphic and shows a teen shot in the chest.

Simmons’ mother, Patricia Larry, testified in court that Spooner accused her son of burglarizing his home, stealing several weapons. She said Spooner told Simmons he’d teach him a lesson before firing the fatal shot.