I Could Care Less

If teenagers are amazing at one thing, it’s for us to just not seem to care or at least to put up a facade that we could care less. If you were to look at my Facebook news feed on the normal day you’ll read constant statuses about people ranting on about how they “don’t care anymore about so and so” or how they wish they just didn’t care about anyone, these of course are followed by some stupid hash tags.

It’s an understandable phase we all seem to go through, as people seem to go through so many short romances when we’re teens. Teenagers are an emotional wreck from the start and we understand that if we show that we care about someone, we’re just opening ourselves to be hurt or the chance to be hurt. One minute we can be so in love with someone and all can be right in the world, fast forward to next week and we’re sitting on the couch crying our eyes out with a gallon of ice cream. I’ve been there, minus the ice cream part, and have seen many others go through the same trouble; it’s not fun to watch it all happen and even less fun getting back on your feet.

The goal seems to be then that we want to reach the point where we just don’t give a sh*t (sorry I’m lacking better words here). Life is a journey in itself and through it everyone has to go through many obstacles, this being one of them. Going from being in love to being heart broken isn’t something anyone wants to sign up for right away but it’s something that will happen to everyone at least once. If you are the type of person who just doesn’t seem to care or doesn’t want to get hurt, you’ll never have to face this challenge because you will sit there and convince yourself you don’t need to. You’ll convince yourself you’re fine on your own, doing you, but you’re not alright.

To love someone is just being human. Last I checked I am a human and whoever is reading this is just as much a human as I am. To convince yourself you don’t need someone to care for you is just..well is convincing yourself you’re not human. We all need someone by our side, a good friend, a significant other, or even a family member; we all need somebody who will be there for us. When you act like you don’t give a dam about anyone or anything, people will start to believe you and treat you as such. I’d rather love and be hurt than be treated like I really could care less about you and myself.  Nothing should stop you from showing how much you care about someone. As far as I know there is no such thing as “loving someone too much”, if there is well it doesn’t exist in my books.

A message to all teenagers of the world: Go out there into the world and show that you care about yourself and others. Go out there and fall in love. Go out there and let your heart break. It’ll all be okay and so will you.

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