Your “Hero,” Edward Snowden – Spilling America’s Secrets to China


I’m amazed that some people consider Edward Snowden a hero for exposing America’s national security secrets to the world. And I wonder if these same people would  still consider him a hero, now that he is spilling these secrets to the Chinese government.

American spying snitch Edward Snowden ingratiated himself to Chinese hosts, singing like a canary about US hacking efforts aimed at Hong Kong and mainland institutions, according to published reports today.

Snowden spilled his guts to the South Morning China Post and said the National Security Agency has been regularly targeting Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China since at least 2009.

He showed the English-language daily documents that allegedly chronicled his hacking claims.

“Last week the American government happily operated in the shadows with no respect for the consent of the governed, but no longer,” Snowden said in editions of today’s paper. “Every level of society is demanding accountability and oversight.”

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, public-office holders, businesses and students were among NSA targets in the semi-autonomous city, according to the American turncoat

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