Why Grow Your Own Chest Hair When You Can Wear A Coat Made Out of Someone Else’s?

Branden Lee is a blogger, screenwriter, producer, and actor, currently residing in Boston, MA. Follow Branden on Twitter and Tumblr.

 According to Jezebel, a company called Wing Co. is selling a coat made out of the collected chest hair of a bunch of men, to combat the growing trend of men feeling required to be hairless.

chest hair jacket

The hair jacket is currently being sold for £2,499, about $3900 and was created using over 1 million different strands of chest hair.

There’s also a version available for women.

As much as I love a hairy man, there’s no way I’d ever want to wear a coat made out strangers’ body hair.

But I’m sure someone will buy it.

Probably Kanye West, he’ll wear anything.


Branden Lee is a blogger, screenwriter, producer, and actor. Branden studied Communications at Northeastern University while minoring in Production. Branden’s writing has appeared on Thought Catalog, The New Gay, Examiner, and he’s currently a celebrity gossip contributor for Wish I Didn’t Know.