The Clippers Have Arrived

..well actually the Clippers were quite a force for the past two seasons really but now they’ve just landed an amazing coach, Doc Rivers, from the Boston Celtics. Yes, after eight days and what seemed like constant “on then off again” trade talks, the deal has been reached between both teams to let Doc Rivers out of his current Boston contract and be able to sign with the L.A Clippers; In return the Celtics will be given a future unprotected 2015 first round draft pick.

Welcome to the Western Conference Doc

It’s clearly obvious that the Clippers got the best end of this deal;  with the experience and resume of such a coach this will surely secure free agent to be Chris Paul into signing a long term contract with the Clippers, word on the internet is that he really pushed to get Doc Rivers on board. Back on the East Coast the Celtics seem like a boat without a rudder now. The team now lacks a head coach with a roster not fit to compete but in a total rebuilding mode; Veteran Paul Pierce may be bought out by the Celtics or traded at the deadline, Kevin Garnett may also be traded away. They also need to find a head coach, I do hope they give Brian Shaw a call and a much deserved chance.

Doc Rivers loved coaching Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce

I can’t help but feel sad for Boston fans. While they knew a total rebuild had to happen sooner rather than later, to be on the verge of losing a lot memorable faces must be hard, especially in such a fashion. I wish the best for Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce this up coming NBA season. Things will sure be different…


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