Racist Woman Goes Nuts on Dunkin Donuts Employee – Video


Note to all racists, do not film yourself being racist, and if you do, don’t put it on the internet.

A Florida woman who filmed herself berating Dunkin Donuts employees for not giving her free food has been identified as Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old Broward County resident and former low-budget commercial spokeswoman, according to The Smoking Gun.
Chapman went off on workers at a Fort Lauderdale store last week after claiming an employee the night before didn’t honor the company’s policy of comping her meal after forgetting her receipt.

In the 8-minute video — which Chapman appears to have posted online — the iPhone-toting crackpot unleashes an avalanche of profanities and threats, at one point calling the employee who wronged her a “little f—-g sand n—-r.”
“Because I’m about to nuke your whole f—- planet from Mars,” Chapman seethes after spotting the worker who served her the night before.
“You think you all are tough big fat Arabs bombing the Trade Center? I’ll show you tough.”

“This s— is about to go live b—-h. Right on Facebook,” she says.
The Dunkin’ Donuts employees remained courteous during the ordeal and assured Chapman she could get whatever she wanted for no charge.
“I want my bacon crispy and I want my people to be nice,” she mutters at one point to another customer.

The video went viral on Sunday and Monday, and Chapman was quickly outed by The Smoking Gun and other sites as the Coolata-loving creep.

Thousands of commenters on YouTube and other sites slammed Champan for the abuse.

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