Michael Steele Wants To Be Your Governor


If you’re living in Maryland that is. The former Republican National Committee Chair is actively considering a run for the governorship.

“We’re looking at it,” Steele told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on Monday. “You’re going take a look at the numbers. Maryland’s a tough state, there are a lot of challenges there.”

It’s the second such comment Steele has made recently. Last week, The Daily Caller reported on a radio interview in which Steele said he was “looking at it.”

“I’m looking at it,” Steele said on WMAL radio. “We’ll see what the numbers tell us.”

Maryland’s present governor, Martin O’Malley, is widely viewed as a potential Democratic presidential nominee in 2016. He will have reached his term limit in 2014.

Steele is the former lieutenant governor of Maryland. In 2006 he lost a Senate race to Ben Cardin (D), who was reelected in 2012.

Steele had a rocky term as RNC chairman, with the organization frequently producing negative headlines about lavish spending. He lost his chairmanship to Reince Priebus in 2011, despite overseeing massive Republican gains in the 2010 election cycle.

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