Pastor Arrested For Watching Child Porn During Shift At Disney World

This story is wrong on so many levels, that it’s almost unreal. A pastor in Florida was arrested  Tuesday (May 14) for allegedly watching child porn during his shift at Disney World.

Cedric Cuthbert has served as pastor of the  Historic St. James Methodist Episcopal Church for three years, and moonlit as a custodial manager at Disney World.  It was there that the 49-year-old was busted for reportedly trying to solicit a minor, in addition to possessing the porn, Orange County Police said.

Cuthbert used his church computer to gain access to his disgusting fetish and tried the same move on the Disney World computer, but an Internet firewall got in the way. Officials at the theme park contacted authorities last month, after they learned that he was trying to access the sites.

Investigators found that Cuthbert used the same computer from his dirty viewing party, to pen two sermons. He also sent messages to young girls writing sick things like “you are so cute! Great sexy bodi! Send me a private vid.”

For now, the now ex-pastor is prohibited from working at any AME Church, pending a meeting to be held in September. The bishop of the district’s Florida AME churches apologized for Cuthbert’s behavior. “We are surprised and extremely disappointed by the alleged illicit behavior of the Reverend Cedric Cuthbert,” the statement read. The Eleventh Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church apologizes to all families and communities, especially the City of Sanford and the members of St. James AME Church, that have been hurt by Reverend Cuthbert’s alleged actions…Reverend Cuthbert has been relieved of all of his pastoral duties.”

Meanwhile, Cuthbert jumped in the apology game as well, writing a letter to Disney, according to the police affidavit.

He is barred from having any contact with children, aside from his 8-year-old and 10-year-old sons.

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