Nike “You Showed Us”

The day after Kobe Bryant went down with his torn Achilles Tendon, Nike launched an ad titled “You Showed Us” in a local LA newspaper

“You Showed Us That An 18-Year-Old Could Play With The Best.

You Showed Us That A ChampionShip, An Exhibition Game And A Charity Event Are All Must-Wins.

You Showed Us How To Play Chess While Others Played Checkers.

You Showed Us How To Hit Game-Winner After Game-Winner.

You Showed Us That An 81-Point Game Is A Real Thing.

You Showed Us That Gold Still Matters.

You Showed Us How To Take An Ice Bath.

You Showed Us How To Score 30 Points In a Quarter, Twice.

You Showed Us The Mamba Face.

You Showed Us How To Demand Perfection And Demand It From Everyone.

You Showed Us How To Put Big-Boy Pants On.
You Showed Us That You Were Never Out Of It. Ever.

You Showed Us How Inspirational A Pair Of Free Throws Could Be.


Now, Show Us Again.”

The ad surprised Bryant, he responded to Nike on his Twitter by saying:

“Thank you @nike for this surprise spread in the paper this am. It touched me beyond words. #showuIwill

— Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) April 21, 2013

The ad can also be seen here as a video. Overall, it’s a timely and well thought our tribute to a great superstar in basketball. Get well Kobe.


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