March of the Cicadas

They’re Baaacckk!

If you live on the East Coast and haven’t heard yet, we are in for a(un)pleasant visit from a swarm of cicadas (Brood II) who have spent a lengthy amount of time (17 years to be exact) underground developing and preparing for this upcoming swarm.

The million cicadas march will begin their travels this May starting from as far down as Georgia and stretching as far north as New York and Connecticut.

Residents in the Washington DC area, Philadelphia, and New York should begin seeing these diligent insects sometime around June.
Even though they have spent an insurmountable time underground, the cicadas lifespan as an adult above ground only lasts for 2-3 weeks and only the strong will survive the entire trip.

You’ll know that they’ve arrived once you hear that recognizable loud buzzing sound that will surely be amplified due to the incredible size of this swarm.

Cicada meansĀ tree cricket, so while they are no threat to humans, they can leave a most damaging effect on various small to larger trees. Using a pest netting to cover smaller trees/bushes and applying aluminum foil to tree trunks can help minimize damage.

To learn more about the cicadas and this amazing journey, visit:

The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology – Periodical Cicada

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