Make Free Calls from iPhone With The Official Google Voice App

If you’re a long-time Gmail user, you no doubt know about and/or use Google Voice — a free web-based platform that provides users with an online phone number for making calls online via an Android, BlackBerry, and now the iPhone. If you don’t have a Google Voice number set up, you’re missing out on a very useful contact tool. Check out Ryan Dube’s 5 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Voice for more details.

I’ve been using my Google Voice (GV) number primarily as a second contact number for which family and friends can reach me when I’m a way from my phone and working on my computer. I also post the number on trusted website forums and registrations.
For a few months in 2009, a third-party Google Voice app was available for the iPhone, but Apple decided to remove it along with the official Google Voice app that was released a few months later. But now, the official app is back and available for free in the App Store.

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