Is It The End Of The Road For The Rush Limbaugh Hate Machine?

Rush Limbaugh

If this is the case, it’s way past due. This blowhard should have been dumped a long time ago. But it is reassuring to see advertisers doing the right thing and pulling their ads from his show.

As we reported earlier this morning, Rush Limbaugh is allegedly in the midst of a battle with Cumulus Media, the distributor of his radio show. The company’s CEO has blamed ad revenue losses on the conservative talkers’ controversial 2012 “slut” comments about Georgetown student Sandra Fluke.

Mediaite’s own sources confirm that the ad troubles in connection with Limbaugh’s show are, indeed, severe. In fact, one source within the radio advertising world with direct knowledge of the ad buys on Limbaugh’s show confirms the extent of the problem: “The vast majority of national advertisers now refuse to air their ads during Rush Limbaugh’s show,” our source tells us.

Limbaugh is reportedly considering a departure from Cumulus (or vice versa) after Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey‘s public comments that the Fluke incident is “still causing problems” with potential ad buyers. Limbaugh currently hosts the number-one most-listened-to radio show in the United States, and his departure would present a huge shake-up for the radio business.

But then again, Limbaugh is making millions for the lies he is telling. Lying is what he knows. Chances are, if he part ways with Cumulus, he will most likely find another media to continue misguiding his followers.

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