Homeless Prostitutes Killed john, Stole His Car for Shelter

Ashlee Gurule

Ashlee Gurule – allegedly used Pillow to suffocate and stabbed victim

Two young, homeless hookers from New Mexico stabbed a man to death so they could use his car as shelter, police said.

Jennifer McKee, 18, and Ashlee Gurule, 20, allegedly tortured, stabbed and then suffocated Maurice Gonzales, 51, at his Albuquerque home on Friday morning.

They told cops they were “tired of being homeless” and decided they needed a car.

Dumping his lifeless body in the trunk, they then stole his silver Dodge Avenger and drove around looking for somewhere to dispose of his corpse.

Jennifer McKee - Aledegely held victim's legs while Ashlee killed him.

Jennifer McKee – Allegedly held victim’s legs while Ashlee killed him.

But the pair — who cops believe were selling sex to the victim — were busted after a high-speed 100mph chase ended in them crashing the vehicle.

Both have been charged with murder.

A criminal complaint, obtained by KRQE , claims Gurule stabbed Gonzales in the neck and chest as McKee held down his legs.

He allegedly begged for his life, offering to give them anything from his apartment if they spared him. But Gurule reportedly then used a pillow to suffocate him.

A third suspect, 16-year-old Julia Martinez, was also in the car during the chase. She now faces a conspiracy charge.

h/t Daily News

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