392 Pound Home Care Worker Jailed for SITTING on Vulnerable Elderly Residents

A 392 pound care worker who abused elderly vulnerable people by sitting on them was jailed for nine months today.

Fiona Salmon, 40, subjected care home residents to physical and mental torment.

Colleagues watched in horror as obese Salmon sat on a resident’s legs to stop her getting out of bed.

She dug her nails into a victim, pushed a wheelchair-bound lady into a door and threw one 99-year-old onto a bed.

She also pinched, slapped and manhandled the pensioners, sprayed deodorant in an elderly woman’s face and rubbed another lady’s head so hard she made her nose bleed.

Overweight: Fiona Salmon, a 28-stone care home worker, was found guilty of sitting on elderly residentsOverweight: Fiona Salmon, a 28-stone care home worker, was found guilty of sitting on elderly residents

She carried out her campaign of cruelty at a Cornwallis Care Services nursing home in St Ives, Cornwall, between June 2011 and January 2012.

The care worker gave residents, who all suffered insufficient mental capacity, names such as ‘dirty b****’ and told them their breath stank of dog mess.

Salmon was jailed for nine months at Truro Crown Court today after being found guilty of seven charges of ill-treating or neglecting residents.

Judge John Neligan told her: ‘You were there to care for them because none of them, physically or mentally, could do it themselves due to ill health.

‘You pinched and sprayed deodorant in the face of an 84-year-old female resident.

‘You dug your nails in an 88-year-old man’s arm and bent an 88-year-old woman’s hand back, calling her a grubby b****.

‘To slap an 85-year-old man in his face and spray deodorant on his bald head and throwing a 99-year-old on her bed so roughly that she banged her head – on another occasion while she was in a wheelchair you pushed her into a closed door – that was an extremely callous act.

‘You pulled the blouse off a 91-year-old so roughly that it caused a skin tear on her wrist and you slapped an 89-year-old man’s face who was suffering from skin cancer at the time and also made rude comments about him.

‘You sat on the legs of a 71-year-old lady causing her pain and on more than one occasion made remarks about her breath.

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