Heck Of A Run Boston – Knicks Move On To Indiana

It was not a pretty game for Knick fans, and it definitely was not a pretty game for Boston fans. The Knicks played game 6 in Boston after blowing game 5 in New York, and started the game as if on a mission. The scored quickly, going up 21 points to Boston’s 5 before Boston went on a small run and ended the quarter scoring 10 points total. Knicks had 24 after one.

In the second quarter, Boston was a little better. They watch the Knicks increase their lead to 18 points, but somehow managed to fight back with much of the help coming from Green, Terry and Garnett. Jason Terry, one of the Boston catalyst in game 5 scored a huge three pointer, cutting the 18 point lead by the Knicks. At the end of the second, Boston was within 13 with the score 39 Knicks, 27 Boston.

knicks celtics4

The third quarter the Knicks returned to the way they played in the early minutes of the first quarter. Carmelo Anthony up to this point had a quiet game, so it was up to his teammates to carry the load. And carry the load they did. A Huge game by Pablo Prigioni and threes by J. Smith, Shumpert and Felton contributed to the Knicks ending the quarter with their largest lead of the game, up by 20 points after the third.

After three quarters, the Knicks led 67, Boston 47.

By the start of the fourth quarter, the feeling in the auditorium was that the Knicks was getting ready to advance to the second round of the playoffs. Their first basket extended the lead to 22 points which caused Boston to pull Paul Pierce from the game. When the lead increased by 24 points with a basket by Smith, Pierce came back into the game and missed his first shot from behind the three point arch.

Another basket by the Knicks and it was a 26 point lead. Then Boston realized that their season was about to come to an end and started playing with reckless abandonment. This kid named Green scored a few points cutting the lead to 19. A few steals and baskets later, Boston was within 11 points and 19,000 fans were screaming “Defense! Defense!”


The scoring kept coming down and once again, the Refs made their presence known. Whistles were blown and the Boston fans applauded in agreement each time a Knick was called for the foul. Boston goes to the line and kept chipping away at the score. Before you knew it, Boston was within 7 with a 20-0 run.

The score with 5:44 remaining in the game was Knicks 75, Boston 69.

Whistles kept blowing and Green went to the line with 4 minutes remaining to score more points for Boston. 75 Knicks, 73 Boston.

Carmelo got fouled on the next position and made two from the line. Knicks 79, Boston 73. Boston then scored off a steal, but on the next position Carmelo made a jumper. Knicks 81, Boston 75 with 2:54 remaining to play. What could be the biggest play of the night came when Carmelo hit an open three pointer with 1:31 remaining, extending the Knicks lead back to 9 points.

Then J. Smith went to the basket for a layup on the next Knick possession and got fouled while making the basket. The lead extended back to double figures and that was all she wrote as Green walked off the court committing his 6th foul. The score with 1:21 remaining in the game was Knicks 87, Boston 78.

The final score in the end was Knicks 88, Celtics 80. And for the first time in 13 years, the New York Knicks advanced to the second round of the playoffs.

Knicks ended up shooting 42% on 33/79 shooting. They had 9 three pointers and 42 rebounds. Boston had 38%, shooting on 24 of 63 shots. They had 6 three pointers and 35 rebounds.

As he exited the game, the 18 year Basketball veteran, Boston’s Kevin Garnett hugged his coaching staff. The next game for New York would be in New York against Indiana.

Heck of a run Boston!


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