Games You Should Be Playing: Subway Surfers


This is a fast paced game, so all you slackers better keep it moving. This is not the game for you. For all the other real gamers looking for a challenge, download this free game on your Android or Apple product, and be prepared for the ride of your life.


You begin the game as Jake, a graffiti artist caught spray painting his art in a train yard. Of course, he is caught by a cop and his dog and then the game starts, as Jake runs for his life to get away from the officer. As Jake makes his escape, he picks up coins, mystery boxes and other powerups along the way. He must also dodge oncoming trains and other obstacles and barriers, placed strategically in his way.

As you collect more coins, you can buy more players, hoverboards or mystery boxes. There are also daily challenges you must complete to advance in the game.

But the real object of the game is to brag. Yes, brag. When you connect Subway Surfers to your Facebook account, you get to see the progress your Facebook friends are making. And there is nothing like competing against a friend who think they can play better than you.

Subway Surfers is not a new game, but there is always updates from the game’s producers. If you haven’t downloaded this game yet, then you’re really not a true gamer.

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