Game 4: Knicks Couldn’t Rebound The Ball If Their Season Depended On It

Yep. That’s the takeaway from Game 4 of the New York Knicks game vs the Indiana Pacers. The stats don’t lie folks, and rebounding is the reason the Knicks lost the game by 11 points – Pacers 93, Knicks 82.

The Pacers out paced New York in every aspect of the game, but take a look at these stats. Indiana had 54 rebounds, Knicks had 36. Offensive rebounds also favored the Pacers, as they pulled down 16 to the Knicks 11.

Indiana shot 41% on 31/76 shooting. New York shot 36% on 31/87 shooting.

No one for the Knicks really stood out. Carmelo had 24, but he took 23 shots in the process and only made 9. And for the three pointers, Melo took 6 shots making just 2 of them.

J. Smith is still thinking about that flagrant foul and the one game suspension he had earlier in the playoffs. He hasn’t played his same level of basketball since returning from his suspension and tonight’s game wasn’t any better. Smith had 19 points, but he took 22 shots from the field, making just 7 of them. He also attempted 10 three pointers, making just 3 of those.


Indiana was much more well rounded, with five players in double figures. If the Knicks thought this Indiana team was going to just lay down and take their beatings, then they have another thing coming as the teams return to New York for what could be their last game of New York’s playoffs. If Indiana wins on Thursday at Madison Square Garden, the Knicks would watch as the Pacers celebrate moving on to the third round of the Playoffs on their home court.

I haven’t given up on the team, but I’m putting away my Knicks jersey till next season…

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