Do You Have a Gift for Mom’s Day?

You can give a great gift for mom and not break the budget.  Here are a few gifts that are easy to find and a bit different from the traditional Hallmark card and bouquet of flowers.

Fun Fashion Gifts for Mom

Think: “spot of color.”

This season is full of accessories from shoes to scarves that are bright, colorful and fun.

It might be hard to pick Mom a winning wardrobe piece.  But accessories are fun, easy and (usually) affordable.  I really like the scarf idea.

1.  Fun and Colorful  Scarf

Scarves of every shape and color are popping up in stores.  You can spend as much or as little as you want.   From department stores to Anne Taylor’s Loft, scarves are priced from $12.95 to $39.50.

pink  loft scarf blue scarf

2.   Fun, high end costume jewelry

High end fashion jewelry is a step above Claire’s.  It’s quality without the gems (or the cost).  Go for something fun and trendy by shopping at Anne Taylor Loft, department stores (the jewelry on the rack, not under the glass) and look for the sales!  This is when all the procrastinators can benefit from late shopping.

The pickings may be a bit slim but the sales will be good between now and Mom’s Day.

floral jewelry

3.  A trip to Paris….or not.

Has  mom always wanted to visit (or revisit) the City of Lights?  Get her the next best thing- a book that will transport her mind to beautiful Paris!

Check out these books:

Madame Chic Final Cover

“Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris” is a fun book by Jennifer L. Scott about translating Parisian fashion culture into our American lifestyles.  On sale at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and bookstores in both ebook and print formats.

Julia Child

Another fun read for moms who love Paris and cooking.  While “My Life in France” is the story of Julia Child’s early years, it was not published until after her death.  The books was co-written by Julia and her grand-nephew.  Julia passed away in 2004 and her nephew finished the book (and wrote a very touching introduction).  “My Life in France” was published in 2006.

3.  Make Mom brunch!

I’m all about families returning to the kitchen and cooking together.  As Julia Child was known for saying frequently, “Cooking together is such fun!”  Instead of asking mom to cook, make her a cup of coffee and invite her to sit in the kitchen and talk while you cook!

If you have siblings in town, get them involved too.  Have someone take pictures.  Put on some music.

It’s Mom’s Day!  Have fun!

4.  For many of us, our moms are not close enough to see or visit.  Stick a card in the mail.  For extra fun, remember a funny memory or recall something special she did in the past and thank her for it.  Include a picture of when you were a kid.  Sometimes it’s the little things that touch a mom’s heart the most.

5.  Do something with all those photos!

Shutterfly is offering a 40% discount on photo books this week!  For less than $15.00 you can give your mom a hardback book full of pictures of you, the grandkids, memories, quotes, letters, etc.

This is a fun gift that will not be forgotten!

These are so much fun to do.  (warning:  they are also a bit addictive!)  Check out


O.k. so this won’t get her by this Sunday.  But, you can do what I’ve done in the past and make a “It’s Coming!!!!” card with a picture of the gift.

BONUS:  When in doubt, is a fabulous source of gift items. Plus, with their expedited shipping items, you can get mom’s gift to her in time.  So whether it’s a “I Love Lucy” DVD, the latest James Patterson novel or a fancy cookware gadget, Amazon mostly likely has it and can deliver.

Melissa AuClair blogs at, a website for location independent women creatives.   This week she’s working on recipe development and photo styling Mom’s Day desserts to be featured on her latest endeavor (with a book soon to follow).  You can follow her at Twitter @Melissauclair

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