Boston Bomber Wrote “F*ck America” While Hiding In Boat

tsarnaev boat

He thought he was going to die. And while feeling around in his hiding place, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found a pen and wrote what he thought was his final message to the world, explaining why the bombings occured.

The 19-year-old found a pen in the boat but no paper so it was revealed today that he wrote his message on an interior wall of the boat that he used as shelter in Watertown.

His message was clear: ‘F*** America’.

In other portions of his message, ABC News reports that he wrote ‘Praise Allah’ and mentioned ‘infidels’ across the interior walls of the boat that are now riddled with bullets.

Law enforcement sources told CBS that Dzhokhar wrote that he ‘does not mourn’ the death of his older brother Tamerlan because he is a martyr living in ‘paradise’ and that he expected to join him there soon.

The note is a critical piece of evidence for police as it reiterates what Dzhokhar said to them  in the hospital after his arrest.

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