Amazing What An E-mail Can Mean

I remember around this time last year I was sitting in my math class and my teacher told us to go to and write an e-mail to ourselves in the future. I’m pretty sure I sat there for about twenty minutes staring at the blank “Your Letter” box thinking what I would write. Fast forward another twenty minutes I had a miniature novel typed to myself to be delivered on my birthday, August 11th.

What my screen looked like for a good twenty minutes

Unfortunately I don’t have that email anymore, but I remember I didn’t accomplish any thing I wanted to I set out to do. I never went to Monmouth University, broke up with my long time girlfriend a few months later, and still had my high mileage car. The last part to my email though was a nice message, “…remember dude. Life is good!” While my life sure did change between the time I sent that email and the time I received it, it’s nice to have ended it with a smile.

I  definitely think sending yourself an email to yourself in the future is an eye opening thing. Sure you may start out like me, starring at a blank screen, but you’ll get started and keep going. The wonderful thing about this site is that it’s anonymous and the email can be delivered to you as far in the future as you’d like. You should all go check it out!

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