A Vermont Man Offers Burial Plot in CT to the family of Tamerlan Tsarnaev

The family of the Boston bombing suspect has been having a difficult time finding a cemetery willing to bury him. A cemetery in Enfield said no, but now the Yale Divinity School graduate is offering a plot in Hamden.

Paul Keane said he would offer the plot inside the Mount Carmel Burial Ground under one condition – that it’s done in memory of his mother, Barbara, who passed away in 1985.

She taught Sunday School for 20 years at the Mount Carmel Church. He said he wants to do this because she taught him “love thine enemy,” even if the enemy is a terrorist.

“This person, no matter how much of a pariah. No matter how despicable. No matter what a leper he is,” Keane told our CBS affiliate station WCAX in Vermont.

Mount Carmel cemetery is the oldest in Hamden and owned by a society. Each plot is owned individually.

In his blog Keane writes, “I own the plot and no one can refuse me access,” but that isn’t sitting well with local residents and those that have loved one buried there.

But, Connecticut residents disagree with Keane.

“He did an act of terrorism against this country, and I don’t think he should be buried on this soil,” said Sandra Marenholz of Cheshire.

People, who have loved ones at the Mount Carmel cemetery, gathered Tuesday as a group to voice their concerns about having the known killer buried in Hamden.

“To have this person who has no connection to town to city to state, sort of unceremoniously dumped here because no one else wants him is a concern,” said Franz Douskey of Hamden.

h/t – WFSB

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