The Endless Violence Is Taking A Toll

It is getting so hard to believe in Humanity these days. What’s wrong with people? What causes a person – who is having serious issues in their own lives – to decide to take someone else’s life? The debate is whether these individuals have ‘mental issues’. Yes. That is obvious. But, the question still remains, what causes them to want to take it out on All mankind?

The Boston Marathon bombing was just added to the litany of violent crimes perpetrated on innocent Americans just enjoying their lives, their day, and their families when the unthinkable happened. wpid-boston-bombing.jpeg

Today, a letter addressed to President Obama, was laced with ricin which is a toxic protein agent that is used as a biochemical. This same ricin was intercepted by authorities when it was sent to Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Mississippi. An arrest was made today in the Tupelo, MS area.Pres. speaks on Boston bombings
The Newtown Ct. shooting that still has politicians and the NRA fighting over banning semi-automatic weapons. The massacre which robbed the lives of 20-first graders was so appalling, disturbing and unsettling; it tears at the very heart of Hope. How can anyone kill a child?Police_at_Sandy_Hook

The movie theatre massacre in Colorado killed 12 and wounded over 50 others. People just wanted to go out and enjoy a nice night out at the movies with friends, family and their children when yet again, a brazened attack on the innocent.Gunman Kills At Least 10 At Screening of The Dark Knight Rises
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Arizona, was shot point blank in the head where six were killed, including a 9-year old girl and 13 others wounded while speaking at a neighborhood shopping center in Arizona. She survived but not without causing severe damage to her brain. sub-giffords-1294540432952-articleLarge

And this is just in America. The outside world is even more dysfunctional than here with suicide killers in Iran and Iraq almost daily. In 2011, a massacre in Norway tore apart a community when a lone killer plotted and executed a plan which included a car bombing, killing 8 and wounded over 200. Then, less than two hours later at a summer camp full of youth, a gunman opened fire upon them and killed 69 for a total of 77.Norway shooting

Are we seeing a pattern yet?

Everyday people, going through their ordinary lives with the ones they love. Why would anyone think the unthinkable would possibly happen to them? We’re not supposed to live in fear. We are not to look over our shoulder every second.

I’m just tired. I’m tired of the violence, the excuses for violence and lawyers attempting to persuade America their clients are ‘Clinically Insane’.

When does this stop? What is wrong world? I know we can’t agree on everything but killing others because of conflict is not the way.

Somehow, someway, Mankind has to find a way to end the violence. I don’t want to give up on Hope but people are making it harder to believe that Hope even exist.

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