Stop, Look and Listen America

The world as we know it has changed or should I say within the United States anyway. Periodically and without warning – as Americans go about their daily routines – of work, weekend fun and scheduled family activities, terror strikes leaving all of us to wonder why and how could this have happened?

With the domestic terrorism of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the Olympic bombing in Atlanta, the terrorist attack of 9/11, the movie theatre shooting in Colorado and the most recent attack at the Boston Marathon, we’ve become vulnerable to the threat of horror within our lives. As a matter of fact, places that we’ve been so accustomed to see terrorism like Iraq, the Middle East and Afghanistan, is slowly spreading its way to our soil. Those countries have had violence erupt on a weekly basis for so long that the residences have grown immune to the bombings and bullets flying throughout their neighborhoods.nine eleven

But now, it’s here. Since the younger brother of the terrorists was captured on Friday evening, media outlets have posed the question of how can the government keep us safe from these attacks? While watching the coverage on several different news channels on Friday, a Terror Expert stated how we have been so fortunate that more have not taken place. Terror teams have intercepted so many chances by the enemy on our homeland. We just aren’t apprised of every chance taken for our own safety and to keep the masses from widespread panic.ap_dzhokhar_tsarnaev_jef_130419_wg

Well we citizens have to do our part. STOP, LOOK & LISTEN. When we go to the airport, an announcement comes over the speakers to keep your luggage with you at all times. We are very observant at the airport for obvious reasons but now we need to be equally observant everywhere we go.

STOP: Be vigilant at all times. If something doesn’t appear right, notify the management team if you’re at the movies, restaurant or any event that you’ve noticed something out of sorts.

LOOK: Always be aware of your surroundings. No need to be paranoid but backpacks or bags carried now seem to be a popular carrying case of choice for those that would do us harm. If bags are left unattended, make someone aware of it.wpid-539588_463746563693498_1097599189_n.jpeg

LISTEN: We don’t need to eavesdrop on conversations but just be observant to things that sound suspicious. Notify authorities or management depending on where you are.

Don’t take matters into your own hands. We aren’t trained for that. But, we can do our part and that is the simple steps above: STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Perhaps by doing those three things, we could save a multitude of lives.

So be vigilant America. We really can make a difference.Our lives just may depend on it.

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