Joe Scarborough: “Is Anybody Awake In My Party?”

After the president’s speech in Connecticut yesterday on gun violence and the need for Congress to act, more focus is being placed on a group of Republicans who have determined that their “A” rating with the NRA is more important than the lives of the innocent people killed daily from gun violence. But their foolish decision to buck common sense gun reform is not going unnoticed.

Joe Scarborough, a Republican and frequent critic of dumb Republican decisions, stayed true to form today when he used his morning show on MSNBC to point out the pointlessness of those in his party. “It’s really hard to figure out what the political calculation is, “Scarborough said.

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“It’s a 90/10 issue that involves the massacres of 20 children: Is anybody awake in my party on the Hill?” Of course the answer to How’s question is yes, they awake. But the priorities have never been the same as those held by a majority of the American people. Congressional Republicans have demonstrated on multiple occasions, that self-preservation and their childish need to see president Obama fail trumps the will of the people.

So anything the president is for, Republicans will be against. And it doesn’t matter how popular those things are, if the president is in favor of them, Republicans will automatically be against them. Call this unproductive relationship the Yin and Yang of politics.

Republicans’ foolish need for self-preservation and their desire to make the president fail, will ultimately be their demise. The American people are watching, and following the unbelievable massacre in Newtown Connecticut, they are paying more attention than ever before.

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