Goodbye and Good Luck

Lindsay Lohan is 26 years old. That’s not very old to be be a joke. It’s not very old to be a train wreck. Not very old to be charged with 2 DUIs, misdemeaner cocaine use, theft, parole violation, third degree assault, reckless driving and providing false information to a police officer. Not very old to plead no contest to theft and parole violation. And it’s not very old to be an alumni of the Betty Ford Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center.

She is the poster child for troubled and drug addicted movie stars. She comes by it honestly. Her mother is an alcoholic. Her father an alcoholic and cocaine addict. When Lindsay was 3 she was a fashion model. When she was 10 she was a soap opera actress. When she was 11 she was a movie star. She has been a cash cow for her family since she was very little. That can be confusing for a child. Childhood is when you are supposed to be discovering who you are. It’s a time to feel safe and taken care of, a time to discover what you like and how you feel and what you think about the world. It’s not a time to be worrying where your next job is coming from and how much money are you making and is it enough? When Lindsay was 3 her parents separated, and they would reunite and separate several more times before they would divorce. Her father is a wall street trader who has been convicted of criminal contempt of court and sentenced to 3 years in prison. He has also been convicted of DUI and domestic violence.

Her mother produced a reality show called Living Lohan in 2008 which she starred in with her 15 year old daughter, Ali. She brought a camera crew from Entertainment Tonight along when she visited Lindsay in rehab, much to Lindsay’s chagrin. A child needs to feel valued by her parents for herself. When a child is valued for her fame, she can be forgiven for wondering if she would be valued if she weren’t famous. And thinking that the answer would be no.

I know. Lindsay is an adult. When you’re an adult, you’re supposed to take responsibility for your life no matter how dysfunctional your family is. The truth is, that’s hard to do when you live in a goldfish bowl. It’s hard to unlearn behaviors you’ve been surrounded with since you were a child. The best thing I could wish for Lindsay is that the media leave her the hell alone. I know. It’s not going to happen. But wouldn’t it be nice if they would temper their snarky coverage of her with a little compassion? Guess it doesn’t sell many papers.


I am a writer living in Brooklyn. I have a beloved cat, I am Irish, democrat, vegetarian and atheist


  • I feel for her. Hope she can pull back from the spotlight and heal. She has the opportunity to have an amazing life. She (and everyone else who has hit the proverbial bottom) needs a vision for herself…and a real support group.