Florida Cop Fired For Using Trayvon Martin Silhouette As Shooting Target

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A police sergeant from Cape Canaveral, Florida has been fired after it was discovered he brought two shooting targets resembling Trayvon Martin to a training session last week.

Officer King

Officer King

According to WFTV two officers saw the targets in the back of Sgt. Ron King’s vehicle and they informed the Chief of the Port Authority Police.

King was allegedly bringing the targets to a firearms training session in Cocoa, Florida at Brevard Community College.

The sergeant, who has been on the force since January of 2011, was on duty at the time.

He had purchased the two targets from the internet. It is not clear if they were used during the training session.

After an investigation from internal affairs, King was fired on Thursday.

John Walsh, the CEO of Cape Canaveral Port Authority, spoke to WFTV and apologized to Port Canaveral and the family of Trayvon Martin.

‘It’s something that we’d never want the Port Authority to be involved in and we truly apologize to the families for the pain that they even had to hear about something like this and had to relive their son’s death again.’

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