Facebook Loses 1.4 million UK Visitors in a MONTH as Users Switch Social Media

The number of people using Facebook is plummeting, with 1.4million British users logging off in just one month.

Despite being the world’s largest social network with more than a billion users, people in Facebook’s biggest markets are deleting their accounts.

In the last month there has been a 4.5 per cent fall in British users, according to independent data.

users in Facebook's biggest markets are logging off and deleting their accounts. It is believed that people are swapping to newer social media networks
Users in Facebook’s biggest markets are deleting their accounts and swapping to newer social media

In the last six months, Facebook has lost nearly 9 million monthly visitors in the US and 2 million in the UK.

Experts say as new social media sites grow, Facebook’s users are deserting the network.

They say that figures aren’t helped by the lack of new Facebook members. It is believed that most people who want to sign up to the site have already done so.

New media specialist Ian Maude said the fall in numbers was due to ‘a boredom factor’.

It is believed there is stagnation as most people who want to join the site have already done so

‘The problem is that, in the US and UK, most people who want to sign up for Facebook have already done it.

‘People like to try something new. Is Facebook going to go the way of Myspace?

‘The risk is relatively small, but that is not to say it isn’t there.’

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is said to be introducing new features in order to win members back.

The company is working to appeal to younger Smartphone users.

The most significant development is Facebook Home, software that can be downloaded on to certain Android phones to feed news and photos from friends – and advertising – directly to the owner’s locked home screen.

As well as switching off from the network, Facebook users are reported to be spending less time on the site.

The number of minutes spent on Facebook in the U.S has fallen.

The average dropped from 121 minutes in December 2012, to 115 minutes in February, according to comScore.

But Facebook explained that the time spent on its pages from those sitting in front of personal computers is declining rapidly because we are switching our screen time to smartphones and tablets.

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