Celebrity Fetish – Why All The Fuss?

Why are people so enamored with celebrities? I mean, really. Is it because of the lifestyle they live? The Fame? The Fortune? The Glitz? The Glamour? What is it? It can’t be said for 100% of celebrities in the world today but over 60% are in the news weekly, usually in negative connotations.


Lindsay Lohan

Since last summer, Lindsay Lohan single-handedly led the field of celebrities with news of courtroom dramas. She is continuing this year by staying in trouble, in the courtroom and in the limelight of tabloid heaven, thus in our living rooms weekly.

 Justin Beiber, once the teenage heart-throb of millions of starry-eyed pre-teen girls, has also begun to find trouble. If it’s not with paparazzi, it’s nightclubs and his entourage muscling through crowds, and picture takers that, “were getting too close” to their superstar. And in his latest blow-up, Beiber got into an altercation with his neighbor who claimed Justin had spat in his face because the neighbor had complained about his noise from his home.

Chris Brown’s troubles continue. He’s been in the courtroom for a possible probation violation. Fights with Drake, a lawsuit pending and a feud with singer Frank Ocean has kept Brown in a negative spotlight. Now, claims are surfacing that the community service Brown was to perform from the domestic violence on girlfriend Rihanna – who has continued to show support for her troubled boyfriend – may have been fraudulent. As he stays in and out of courtroom and in and out of the tabloids, she remains loyal to his ‘badness’ and folks insist on showing their loyalty by following their every move.

Reality Shows. Why? The Hollywood Housewives, The Housewives of Atlanta, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and OMG, the Kardashians are another form of Uck.

real housewives

“Real Housewives”

Why THESE shows are becoming more popular than true actors of the Big Screens or even musicians that have a God-Given gift, crafted, trained and skillfully honed daily, some taking years to perfect, is a mystery…to me anyway.

I’ve never been a Fan of ‘Reality’ T.V. because it’s not reality. At least not my reality. If anyone can explain the fascination with these no-names-getting-on-TV-to-argue-fight-cuss out-share their intimacies, while drawing millions of viewers weekly, I’d greatly appreciate it.

You see, I don’t see how it’s interesting to see how a Multi-Millionaire lives, dates, loves, hates, breaks up, makes up, gets engaged, gets divorced, then makes his personal saga a series. I would think that your life is so much more interesting and sophisticated than theirs, but with less… materially speaking.

We’ve often been warned, be careful for what you wish for, or the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Both are true. Even the millionaires have issues but theirs are magnified by a million because of their status and because the World is following them 24/7. They are no different than us if you take away the bright lights, the glamour and all that loot. And if the truth be told, many would love to trade places with you or me just to live a more ‘normal’ life.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t appreciate the talent of these great artist (not Reality Shows), but we should be careful in getting caught up in their world…because we don’t live there. We’re just visiting, just passing through, innocent bystanders in a world of Non Reality. Until they walk a day in my shoes, they’re aliens as far as I’m concerned. Nope, I take that back. I’m more interested in Aliens.


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